In These Uncertain Times, How are Others Adapting to Meet Market Needs?

For anyone who is trying to figure out 'How do we adapt to these unprecedented times so that we can maintain or even grow revenues, serve clients and respond to new demands,' here is a ever growing set of examples of what others are doing.

My early predictions for the US were: Bankruptcy and reorganization; Litigation; Investment banking boutique firms, Executive search, Apartment complexes and Low cost retirement housing. As you can see, there is no limit to how creative firms will flex to meet client needs.

What others do you see? In the US? In Europe? In Asia?

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There are many drivers at work beyond the financial meltdown. Re-deployment of production is still not sorted out. A big commitment was made by manufacturers to move to lowest labor cost markets a few years ago, now they're getting hit by high energy and transportation costs and scrambling to build the best overall productivity equation.
This is a good time to be an expert in FDI analysis & strategy, logistics / supply chain, and government relations.
How about anxiety drug manufacturers, psychologists, divorce lawyers...
Certainly, they were talking about all the bankers on Prozac at the SIBOS meeting in Vienna during this week (15-19 Sept 2008)
With all the negotiations going on in Washington DC to set up a new version of the RTC, there's going to be huge need for office space for the new bureaucracy being out Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland!
Judging by the huge numbers of homes for rent in my surrounding area - 4 alone on my street right now, I am considering a move into property management (residential)!! Although not as exciting and glamorous as the commercial end of the business this seems to be a (sadly) exploding market. I also see opportunities for consulting services for mid life career change and also executive outplacement.
In all seriousness I can also see great potential for the "little treat" providers. When the going gets tough economically we're all reluctant to make big investments and even those with money aren't spending it as conspicuously as before. however we all need to treat ourselves so spa services (they should be covered by insurance right now), gourmet take out service, hand crafted papers and cards, etc. could all prosper as we all need some extra TLC without breaking the bank.
I was just thinking of this question in terms of mainland China, infrastructure will be huge in my opinion, and of course the CRE components associated therein, they still want western help in these areas of engineering, and design. Also in the area of property insurance (I don't think anyone does title insurance at the moment) but as they become more transparent it should be a natural and I would think investors would be willing to pay the premium to mitigate their risk (perhaps even be bound by corporate governess).
John Davis, CEO of Colliers said: "We are pleased to now offer our valued clients the opportunity to invest in a selection of high-quality real estate investment portfolios from across the region. Our aim is to identify direct and indirect investment solutions that can meet our investors' target returns and risk profiles."

Colliers International UAE launches Capital Investment Division
CBRE Zeroes In On Debt Workout Strategies: Another sign of where companies are placing priorities--and fast adaptation by leading firms.
More on this from CPN 8 October 2008

CB Richard Ellis Launches Asset Repositioning Group
Joint Venturing to Enter CRE Workout Business

DENVER - (Business Wire) Johnson Capital, a leading national real estate investment banking firm, announced today a new joint venture with the Miller Frishman Group (MFG), a provider of commercial real estate advisory, property management and brokerage services. Operating out of the Denver, Colorado office, Johnson Capital Special Servicing (JCSS) will provide a vertically integrated loan workout platform and offer asset management, property and construction management, note sales and brokerage services to financial institutions with troubled commercial real estate loans

Johnson Capital Launches Special Servicing Division in Partnership ...
"Announcing the launch of its pan-European property and asset management business, CBRE said the move was a response to increasing client demand for international property management capacities."

CBRE sets up new property management unit Property EU
"Deutsche Bank is reorganizing its global commercial real estate operations to focus on distressed investing opportunities in the U.S., U.K. and Hong Kong, according to business head Jon Vaccaro."

Deutsche Eyes Distressed Real Estate


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