"What I heard from global property leaders at MIPIM 2011" - JC Goldenstein, CREOpoint CEO


Over 15,000 descended on the French Riviera for the MIPIM event March 8-11. CREOpoint, KPMG, the Wall Street Journal and W.P. Carey are bringing you the buzz from the 3 day action since many friends could not travel to it.


I have been on the road, which helped me reflect about what I heard and what it meant in the context of the more recent Japan and Libya events. I was also sensitive to not adding adding one more email about MIPIM to the deluge that some of you got from all over the world in the last couple weeks!


I saw in Cannes a rising level of activity and a move away from a group therapy session. Champagne flutes were ½ full versus ½ empty last year and the “Gin and Panic” of 2 years ago.


It was my 22nd MIPIM and sometimes I felt too old for schlepping up and down that Croisette all day and night! Most conferences are organized around quantity, not around individual engaged interactions that last. It always takes an effort to seek out conversations that matter. I had a chance to meet a number of fascinating people. If in addition to the buzz you are interested in what some of them said, scroll down:

CREOpoint produced for KPMG the first study to be published in Europe about the online buzz in property

Our proprietary CREObuzz™ algorithm uniquely mined 10,000 sources corresponding to online article posts, blogs, videos and social media mentions relating to commercial real estate to judge which themes were dominating the online conversation about MIPIM. 1,000 relevant articles from February 12 - March 12, 2011 revealed that:

  • Hope is back
  • American leaders like CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield and GE Capital Real Estate dominated the internet buzz
  • UK cities like London and Manchester also got a lot more exposure than their continental European rivals who are also trying to attract English speaking investors


matim creopoint boris johnson tchenguiz tbre


This word cloud highlights the “trending” topics in the run up to and the week of MIPIM 2011. Word size corresponds to frequency of occurrences. Expected key words like investment, development, architecture, awards, MIPIM, Reed MIDEM, CREOpoint, cities, Cannes, property, real estate and market were removed to reveal more insights.


Jonathan Thompson, International Chairman, KPMG's Building, Construction & Real Estate practice commented: “The real estate world is changing at a fast pace and those executives whose ear is not attuned to the market will find themselves left behind! With ongoing uncertainty around debt markets and future regulatory impacts on capital fund flows the industry still has a few hurdles to face. We hope CREOpoint’s innovative way of depicting the latest trends in the market helps.


The chatter was far more upbeat in nature as senior decision makers sought to build new national and international partnerships and to discuss new ways of doing business. Capital and banking were some of the most buzzed words, possibly as the European real estate industry is realising the overreliance on German banks for funding. We are surprised by the relatively low amount of online conversations about debt, liquidity, distressed, uncertainty and regulations.”


Click here for the executive summary including organization ranking...


H. Cabot Lodge, III, Managing Director, President of W. P. Carey & Co. Ltd. and Head of European Investments added: “Credit markets continue to be constrained leading to a decline in leveraged acquisition activity. However, established companies with strong management and a solid business strategy are still finding real estate asset-based financing a practicable source of funding. Many real estate investors now tend to move away from traditional high leverage deals to a more income-oriented approach, as traditional capital gains strategies become largely unavailable due to these tightened credit conditions.

W. P. Carey's specialization in sale-leaseback transactions can offer an attractive form of alternative financing. This capital can then be re-deployed for a range of purposes from restructuring balance sheets, paying down existing debt, funding operating costs and supporting expansion strategies."



In addition to clicking on the W. P. Carey logo above to get more information, you could also watch Cabot's interview on CNBC


"Transparency is becoming fashionable at all levels of the industry, in both the private and public sector, because it is the only way today to attract investment. All participants understand that developing sustainable buildings and pleasant urban environments is not just a smart decision but a financial imperative. The future of the city looks bright!” : François Ortalo-Magné, chairman of the Real Estate Department at the Wisconsin School of Business and the wrap-up keynote speaker

"80% of the world’s population lives in towns and cities. These environments are responsible for 70% of all carbon emissions. We have the opportunity to lead a green industrial revolution and, if we walk away from this challenge, we are endangering our future. The time for action is NOW so please join me in the development and support of strategies for sustainability in urban environments“: Adrian Wyatt, Chair of the Sustainable Environment Foundation and CEO of Quintain Estates and Development


Dark humor from a local Cannes beggar as property cognoscenti descends:   


         "Just for drugs & alcohol" says one sign




We expect increasing online discussions before, during and after live exhibitions


MIPIM is no longer strictly a one-off event. 2011 will be the year where organizations in our industry recognize the need to define themselves rather than leaving others to do it.


Many have already started to monitor what’s being said about them online. Leaders like CB Richard Ellis, Cushman & Wakefield, GE Capital Real Estate, Jones Lang Lasalle and Barclays went beyond that and created the most MIPIM buzz. A majority of these companies are growing their brands and their businesses with our CREObuzz™ solutions.


Bernhard Klein Wassink, Chief Marketing Officer, GE Capital Real Estate, commented: "Social media is now a legitimate business tool in commercial real estate. We have definitely moved beyond experimentation and are pleased this is already showing in the CREOpoint buzz rankings. By following us, real estate investors, journalists and other interested parties get instant updates on our latest news."





Grounded in millions of conversations, CREObuzz™ uniquely reaches across 10,000 old and new media sources including press feeds, websites, blogs, Twitter, Google Buzz, Yahoo Finance forums, LinkedIn answers and network updates, FaceBook Fan Pages and group walls, YouTube, Digg and CREOpoint. Our researchers then “gold” mine for reliable intelligence, saving our clients a lot of legwork.


Within a few clicks, a hard-earned reputation can really be tainted. Are you sometimes worried that whoever is in charge of risk and reputation management for your organization may be missing something that could spin out of control? What's your plan?


Get on the map for the right reasons!


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Back to W.P. Carey


CREOpoint.com now has over 100,000 members and visitors from over 50 countries. We have developed over 40 client relationships and alliances with leading organizations who trust us. We'd like to again thank KPMG, The Wall Street Journal and W.P Carey for making this newsletter possible.


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Laurent Lehmann, Board Member of CBRE France receives the first CREObuzz™ award from JC Goldenstein, CREOpoint CEO at the exclusive CREOpoint & the Wall Street Journal pre-MIPIM party



Thanks to Deborah Falcone, Lauren Swan and Robert Monaghan from CREOpoint partner the Wall Street Journal for co-hosting our pre-MIPIM party in Cannes! Guests included senior executives from BNP Paribas, CB Richard Ellis, IPD, IREM, Inspection & Valuation Intl, Johnson Capital, Keops-Groupe Nexity, Korn Ferry, Le Moniteur, Marsh, NAI, NAR, Quintain, Real Capital Analytics, Remit Consulting, SIOR, the National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers, the Wall Street Journal and W.P. Carey


Congratulations also to W.P. Carey for another very nice party. It was good meeting CIO John Miller and Board Member Reggie Winssinger there!


I'm also interested in CREOpoint events!



The press also recently buzzed about CREOpoint


Thanks to Business Immo, Commercial Property Executive, La Tribune (en Francais), MIPIM News, Property Mall, Property Week, the India Business Times, the Urban Land Institute and others for having featured CREOpoint.


You could also join our exclusive community if interested


I enjoyed meeting Jay Epstien, Chair US Real Estate Practice at DLA Piper and his colleague (and my friend!) Andy Levy. I also had the opportunity to spend some time with Adrian Barrick, Chief Executive - United Business Media Built Environment, John Rose and Omar Saudi (Development and Marketing Directors for the interesting Dohaland project and their award-winning architect Michel Mossessian), Henri Alster (GRI Chairman), Howard Roth (Global Leader E&Y Real Estate), Jean-Hugues Morel (Commissaire général of the French SIMI property show), Jean-Marc André (Reed MIDEM content director and his marketing colleagues Ignace Blanco and Mathieu Regnault) Jeff Alpaugh (Marsh Global Real Estate Practice Leader and his colleagues Mark Lilley and Mark Lumley), the entrepreneurial Léon Seynave, Martin Benn, Philippe Bresteau (DG Keops - Groupe Nexity) and Rohan Marwaha (Group Director, Cityscape). 


It was also good to see Erik Sondén (Head of Real Estate Coverage and Advisory TWD Asset Management and Président ULI France), Georges Asmar, Jeff Lefleur and Tom Zacharias (W.P Carey), Guillaume Le Camus (Baker & Mc Kenzie), Graham Parker (editor of Shopping and MIPIM News), Marc McConnell (BNP Paribas Real Estate UK Business Development & Marketing Director), Melissa Meadows (Intl Marketing Manager for IPD) and Ron Goss (IREM President).


CREOpoint was well represented with members from many countries such as Alain Courbon (Marketing Director MIPIM), Ahmet Khayan (REIDIN CEO), Andrew Waller (Partner Remit Consulting), Blaise Heurteux (Founder of HBS Research), Bob White (CEO Real Capital Analytics), Bruno Crosby (NAR International Market Development Manager), Dan Fasulo (MD Real Capital Analytics), David Perry (VP NAI Global), Edouard Vitry (head of Real Estate, K&L Gates France), Jeff Finn (CEO NAI Global), John Salustri (Content Director Globe St.), Jonathan Price (Director at Variable Pitch and Board Member at Global Housing Foundation), Lionel Bastian CEO NAI France), Mark Faithfull (founder Retail Property Analyst), Magnus Svantegård (Product Manager Datscha), Paul Danks (SVP NAI Global), Richard Hollander (EVP SIOR), Russell Salzman (IREM President), Steve Renna (NAREIM President) and many others. Thanks to Andrew Barber of Revolution Public Relations for his valuable help in spreading the word.


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Did you know?

  • If you or your company, organization or group want to help the Japanese people recover but aren't sure where to donate, visit the 13 language Disaster Relief iForum on CREOpoint
  • Our proprietary analysis of the online buzz shows that words such as ‘recovery’, ‘yachts’, ‘party’, ‘improved’ and ‘hope’ have increased in use compared with a year ago, outnumbering negative expressions such as ‘crisis’, ‘problems’ and ‘recession’.”
  • François Trausch, CEO, GE Capital Real Estate, Asia Pacific is seeing "recovery in both national and inter-regional capital flows.”
  • Olivier Piani's Allianz plans a EUR 1 Billion spree in France, Belgium and Netherlands
  • Google entered into talks to move to 700,000 square feet of office space in London
  • Referring to a recent Citigroup study which concluded that London is the world leader in terms of GDP growth potential through to 2025, the Mayor of London joked that he found the report “eminently believable.”

  • Jonathan Thompson global head of the Real Estate Practice at KPMG also thought that "London had the biggest impact with investors focusing on the large regeneration schemes: Earls Court in the West, Kings Cross to the North, The Olympic village in the East and Nine Elms to the South. We can expect to see London presenting attractive investment and development opportunities for some time to come".

  • Skanska’s new retrofitting partnership with Arup and GE is gearing up to overhaul a major central London property and it eventually aims to reach £200m

  • "A rising level of investment activity will include a broader focus on emerging and second tier markets not just the core gateway cities which were the winners in 2010" according to Cushman & Wakefield's International Investment Atlas 2011

  • Most regions and cities went home and declared victory in their local newspapers. Meanwhile Nottingham punched above its weight by going "with a great team - but with a no frills, no nonsense basis and with a consistent message"

  • Twitter was widely used, including to share frustrations like "News of the taxpayer-funded jaunt comes at a time when public services are being cut" or "How overpriced did you think MIPIM was? €45 for two rumncokes too much? Taxi more expensive than your flight? or "This is effing marvellous. We queue up for Boris Johnson and eventually told it's full up and we are locked outside. Good value for £1500"

  • There is already now an event held in London at the same time called "We are not at MIPIM"

  • Andrew Barber from Revolution PR had an interesting post about how the arrest of the Tchenguiz brothers spread quickly via social media

  • On a more positive note, MIPIM keynote speaker Professor Ortalo-Magne asked "How long can you afford to stay out of social media?"
  • Jones Lang LaSalle and Thomson Reuters survey showed "the spotlight is moving from companies’ previous focus on cost control, to the area of productivity and smart growth"

  • Guillaume Fiastre, president of Paris-based Taliance launched their "Global Fund" solution about investment funds

  • Nouriel Roubini, the NYU economist who correctly predicted the financial crisis, warned that some advanced economies could experience a double dip recession if the price of oil climbs to $140 a barrel.

  • There is a new online forum on CREOpoint to discuss "Time for transparency in real estate? The writing is on the wall, but not in the balance sheets"

  • As a member of CREOpoint, you could publish your news and thought leadership free



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