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In 2012, CREOpoint opened its first office in Europe (Paris) and refined its technology.

In 2013, myCREOpoint™ risk management and business intelligence mobile dashboards were rolled out and became another well received innovation in CRE as featured in the Wall Street Journal and Nikkei among other.

In 2014, myCREOpoint platform expanded with prestigious clients in fashion, luxury goods, technology, media, entertainment and transport. We now have two patent pending about customizable real time intelligence Channels and social media noise reduction. We therefore started an antenna in Silicon Valley to find strategic partners who can help us scale.

We are well on our way to changing the way professionals and companies successfully ​deal with two related executive problems ​ ​due to the proliferation of social media sources and websites​:​ ​

  1. On demand market Intelligence: Relevant real time insights for time starved executives who can’t afford to miss out;
  2. Easy content marketing: Timely compelling content to make their organizations’ web, mobile and event presences more engaging at a fraction of the costs or complexity of other processes.

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Drive more Business with our Custom Feeds

myCREOpoint™ allows you to offer a custom stream of curated content to your website, social media and other audiences for less than the cost of a temp and with no IT development cost or delay.


Our custom feeds provide only the most relevant content sliced by topic or combined in any way you want (e.g., your brands or event sponsors like here).


Email us today to arrange a demonstration.



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