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1. Free 

It takes a minute to post like these leading associations decided to do. Easy step-by-step instructions at Your event will be immediately featured on CREOpoint and shared across influential CRE channels.

2. Premium

Many leading CRE event organizers have asked for an industry-specific way to complement their generalist social media initiatives, as FaceBook and LinkedIn are being blocked by companies for productivity, spam and virus reasons. Now you could benefit from your own online iForum for your event (s) on the industry-focused CREOpoint. 

Your iForum would be the interactive online meeting point in 13 languages for property professionals who care about your organization and event. In that one place, your employees, customers, event attendees, prospects, partners, influencers, stakeholders and the media could see what you and people who care about your event say about your world.

Like the one for MIPIM your Branded Forum would be:

1. Multilingual: works in 12 major languages besides English, which is consistent with global growth objectives

2. More exclusive: Tens of thousands of site visitors would be able to see event updates but only CREOpoint members could add comments (the community is by invitation only and each applicant is vetted – no self promotional spam here)

3. More interactive: includes a dynamic profile, like a richer e-extension of print ads for your events (including curated videos with user ratings and real time news and tweets)

4. Revenue generating: It’s your own iForum so you could also sell advertising there if you’d like for the Forum to pay for itself

5. More insightful thanks to your administrator benefits: You would uniquely be able to know what members want or have to contribute to your organization and event

6. Influential: including private messaging for confidential messages to influencers or to continue less private conversations with people met at events thanks to the comment wall

7. Personal: you could add a link to your iForum in your emails, flyers, business card etc.

All these features and benefits cannot even remotely be matched by FaceBook Fan Pages, or LinkedIn and Wikipedia Profiles. CREOpoint can operate an online Forum for your event year-round for you for the low investment of $995 per month (payable in three month increments). This will not require your developing new IT infrastructure or content.

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