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Commercial Real Estate News - Toronto - September 2009

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Sobeys grocery chain gaining ground on Loblaw - - L-T - Loblaw is kicking off another round of grocery-store price wars, as rival Sobeys announces quarterly results showing it’s making gains on the market leader. Starting today, Loblaw said its Big… Continue

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September 2009 - Commercial Real Estate news and Office Space Stats

Three major office projects in the financial district have arrived or have almost arrived and we can now see the results of this new supply on growth and vacancy. For this report we will concentrate on this area. Last month we reported on the steady growth of the financial services sector throughout the recession. The Financial District is lead by the financial services sector and the… Continue

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Resurgence in Global CRE Transactions Underway

Signs of recovery in some markets and property types

In our most recent issue of Global Capital Trends, we explore where the activity is most likely to strengthen first and why, especially as market volume rankings shift.

A modest resurgence in property acquisitions was recorded in Q2 as global volume rose to $62.8 b, 17 %higher than Q1 and the first increase after five consecutive quarterly… Continue

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Specialization in Real Estate

I disagree with agents that think they can be the jack of all trades. They are jack of “something” all right. Yes, you lose out on some commissions by turning away or referring opportunities but if I were a tenant looking for commercial real estate advice I would want the best agent working on my behalf. As a tenant or landlord, do some due diligence and hire the agent that actively works your market and not a friend of a friend.

To be… Continue

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Always Negotiate Commercial Real Estate on Paper

There are many types of agents out there. I enjoying dealing with the ones that are up front with their financial expectations and can follow through with proposals. It’s surprising how frustrated both the landlord or tenant can get if the other side does move off their asking rates. Even $0.50 per square foot or 2 weeks of free rent can become a source of angst. I have found many clients and landlords that wont finish a deal because the feel it… Continue

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Increase Your Chances Of Obtain Funding For Your Project

Too often we see commercial loan applicants that are ill prepared to obtain financing for their project. The following is a brief discussion of key areas that will increase your chances of obtaining funding. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but it serves as a general guide that will help you be more successful in your effort to obtain the funds you need for your commercial project.

Credit Score - While having poor credit will not rule… Continue

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Launch, Listen, Learn - Don't Let Perfection Stand In The Way of Success

Over the years I have heard many variations of Voltaire's observation "The perfect is the enemy of the good." In my opinion, this concept is responsible for many failed online initiatives.

Let me explain.

When an entrepreneur or small business decides they are going to launch a new website/update a current one, the process often occurs in a vacuum. Mockups and demo links are shared with close friends, co-workers and even family members as a way to determine if your web… Continue

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Office and Commercial Real Estate News - April 2009

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Don Mills centre will be the anti-mall - - Cadillac Fairview has seen the future ? and it looks a lot like the past. Next week, the developer will open its latest shopping centre. But don’t be fooled by the location; the new development is far from suburban. Instead of the ubiquitous big box full of the usual retail suspects, this venue, “Ontario’s first outdoor… Continue

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What do Nike, MTV and Effective Real Estate Marketing Have in Common?

Nike, MTV and Effective Real Estate Marketing have one trait in common: All three utilize powerful imagery to generate an emotional response from their intended audience.

Phil Knight of Nike had the foresight to create powerful marketing messages utilizing strong images/video of select sports superstars wearing Nike products (ex. Andre Agassi, Michael Jordan, etc.). He understood that a combination of imagery and his marketing message would create larger than life heroes, and… Continue

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Shared Office Space - It Can Offer A Lot More Value Than Just Saving a Few Pennies

In its simplest form, the concept of shared office space is a great way for a space holder and a small business/entrepreneur to save money. Whether it means the small business/entrepreneur offsets a portion of the total rent, contributes to the cost of the utilities, or a combination of the two, a shared space can serve as a financial win-win for both parties.

In the spirit of the old Ginsu knife commercial "But Wait There's More..."

Shared Office space can offer both… Continue

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The Evolution of the Floor Plan

Unfortunately this post requires pics which I can't copy and past here so I'm going to point this post back to my blog. I wont make this a habit.

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Real Estate Agent = Professional Networker

I no longer look at my business one dimensionally, I can’t. I’m not just a real estate agent, I’m a professional networker.

For some reason the feeling of referring business between two existing clients, because you understand their needs / wants, is incredibly satisfying. This is one of the many things that sets me apart from a lot of other agents that are only looking to do your office space transaction. I will take the time to understand the type of real estate you are looking for… Continue

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Repeat Clients in Commercial Real Estate

I’m currently working on a third transaction with a client, and man, it is a pleasure. Why? He’s using my expertise, actually listens and isn’t negotiating with me (we’re working as a team to get the best deal)! He started at 500 sf, then took 1500 sf, we’re downsizing a bit to save money - back to 1200 sf but he has a project that may require space for 40+ people in 2010. Now that’s growth!

My advice for anyone out there that is or will be looking for office space, pick your horse… Continue

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What are you getting out of your social media?

I have been hearing this question a lot lately - “As a realtor, what are you getting out of your social media efforts?”. The answer if you qualify it monetarily to date, is very little, however, from a prospecting and networking perspective it has been unbelievable!

When I only had a website to rely on 2 years ago I generated approximately 1 or 2 leads a week. I then moved to my blog which started generating 3 to 4 leads per week. I am now meeting with as many as 8 to 10 potential… Continue

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Prospecting Game Plan in a Changing Market

Social Media - lets get real!

Seems like the agent water cooler gossip is about social networks and how to use the various networks successfully these days. My take: they are rapidly increasing in popularity but won’t really pay off for a couple of years, at least on the commercial side. Just like Ebay - it took a while before you felt comfortable to enter your credit card online didn’t it?

I generate approximately 50% of my new clients from my blog, Twitter, Facebook and… Continue

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LinkedIn vs Facebook vs Twitter

t is hard to judge what social media application has been my favorite. Thus far Facebook is in the lead for just pure fun, but from a business development and networking perspective LinkedIn has allowed me to meet a lot of potential new clients or companies I can refer business to (ie. contractors, lawyers, etc). I had not been fair to Twitter until recently and now I’m addicted. When I first started I didn’t think it would be worth my time. I have changed my opinion since then. Not only does… Continue

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Commercial Mortgage Brokers Should Add Value (and Equity) to a Transaction

January 27 2009

Peter Maclennan

Peter Pays Paul

Inside commercial hard money lending.

Commercial mortage brokers get paid based on the value they bring to the client in a transaction. The truly successful brokers bring value to their clients consistently.

2009 forebodes to be a difficult year for certain commercial real estate sectors. Much in the residential real estate industry has changed since 2006, we can… Continue

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Equity Interface Launches One-of-a-Kind Web Site for Commercial Real Estate Financing Opportunities

A site that brings developers and those looking for investment opportunities together for a unique way to network

NEW YORK—JANUARY 12, 2009—New York-based Equity Interface announced today the launch of, a one-of-a-kind Web site that introduces commercial real estate developers and syndicators to individuals and private equity companies looking for investment opportunities.

“Despite the current economy, there is still plenty of financing for… Continue

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SIOR Reports CRE Markets Still Suffer From Economy's Flu

WASHINGTON, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Second Quarter 2008 SIOR Commercial Real Estate Index, compiled by the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) in association with the National Association of Realtors (NAR), indicated that commercial real estate markets have not yet begun their rebound to market equilibrium. The national Index, which measures 10 variables pertinent to the performance of U.S. industrial and office markets, dropped for a sixth straight quarter to an… Continue

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