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Perkins & Lundberg: More Coordination Needed in Building Logistics Infrastructure

Came across an interesting story here from NJ Logistics experts Scott Perkins and Ken Lundberg.

The problem they describe does not exist only in transportation logistics nor only in New Jersey. It applies across all sectors of development and in all geographies.

Could you imagine a major regional mall being built next to an interstate, but not have a convenient on-ramp? It looks like that's the situation in NJ… Continue

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Dirt Attorney on Possible Sale of Lehman Building in Chicago

More on Lehman: your bad news is my good news?

By David Stejkowski

Here's a little more expert opinion on the possible Lehman sale. As I said, for people with cash in their pockets this could be a great opportunity.

But here's a confirmation, at least for me, of what's really going to happen:

“Lehman has an awful lot of real estate that is clogging up their balance sheet,… Continue

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Reggie Middleton on China - $1.6 TRILLION in Foreign Currency Reserves

A very, very solid analysis:

China’s massive growth in the last decade has taken the world by surprise. Currently the fourth largest economy, the country continues to be the second largest manufacturer (in terms of global output). The evolution of China as the “factory of the world” has helped in providing job opportunities to its vast population and record sustained economic growth. The country has led the growth among the emerging markets and is a torch bearer for the evolving upcoming… Continue

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Hans Hansson of TCN Starboard on Revitalizing Retail

Entire article here

San Francisco neighborhood retail is facing enormous challenges that need immediate attention not only for its long-term survivability but also to continue to support its residents with services close to home. To understand neighborhood retail and its challenges you first need to understand its beginnings.

Neighborhood retail started well before regional shopping centers were built and far earlier then… Continue

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Bob Knakal: Auction-Rate Securities Mess May Help

I love Wall Street. The 1987 Oliver Stone movie is a cult classic where Bud Fox (played by Charlie Sheen) is lured into the illegal, lucrative world of corporate espionage and insider trading when he is seduced by the power, status and fi nancial wizardry of Wall Street legend Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas).

Michael Douglas won an Oscar for his performance. It is, indeed, one of my favorite movies, but the movie is not the Wall Street I am referring to. I am referring to… Continue

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Green Buildings Worth More

Everyone's talking about "going green," but in the building industry, the cost of investment has been difficult to justify - until now. Haas Professor John Quigley has undertaken the first systematic analysis of environmentally sustainable construction and its economic impact on the real estate market.

In the working paper, "Doing Well by Doing Good? Green Office Buildings," Quigley and co-authors Piet Eichholtz and Nils Kok of Maastricht University, Netherlands, determined investments in… Continue

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Proximity to Right Labor Pool is Key to Successful Call/Contact Centers

Every contact center project is unique and there are no universal standards. But beyond requiring the right location, the common requirement shared by all contact centers--the new buzzword for call centers--is proximity to the right labor pool, writes Van Power, COO of NAI Global Contact Center/Site Selection Services, in the Summer 2008 issue of Development Magazine. That is a key distinction between contact centers and other properties--it all… Continue

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Big Blue Goes Big Green in Research Triangle Park Data Center

Link to Source

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC—IBM (NYSE:IBM) will build a $360 million data center on its Research Triangle Park campus as a showcase for its “cloud computing” and other capabilities, the company said Friday.

The 60,000-square-foot facility will require only about 10 new jobs to operate it. The company said it will renovate an existing building for the data center.

IBM said it will build the… Continue

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Knakal Says Banks are Flush in Flushing


Although there are significant stresses on the commercial mortgage market, there are still tremendous amounts of debt available to credit-worthy borrowers for the acquisition of investment properties in New York City. I remain optimistic and I will tell you why.

First, we must look at one question: Why all the negativity? Well, there are good reasons. On July 11 Indymac Bank was seized by federal regulators in what… Continue

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RICS: Chartered Surveyors Say Markets Soft All Over in Developed World

From RICS Web Site

Tenant demand fell at a faster pace in the developed world in the second quarter. Transaction volumes and capital values plummeted as the commercial property market suffered under financial liquidity constraints, says the RICS Global Commercial Property Survey.

17 percent more Chartered Surveyors reported a fall than a rise in tenant demand across the… Continue

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Deloitte: The Optimal Location for Shared Services

by Elias S. van Herwaarden, Deloitte

Here is a link to the entire report

The concept of Shared Service Centers is increasingly commonplace. It is however more a business structuring principle than a physical concept. For instance, the first entrants, particularly business titans, are now adventuring into a ‘virtual center’ approach while less sophisticated business models are popular with the… Continue

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Philip Blumberg on the State of CRE Investment (Series)


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Dubailand Introduces Sustainable Urban Complex - Xeritown


Proposed to be built in the emerging Dubailand, a new extension of Dubai, the master plan of Xeritown consists of a number of dense urban clusters located within the landscape. The 60-acre town will be built across a north-south axis to exploit the cool breezes blowing in off the sea. The orientation of the town will allow the cool sea… Continue

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CORENET Global: The Changing Face of the Workforce

Things are changing dramatically in the characteristics of people who work.

Last fall, Corenet Global issued a white paper that examines the workforce challenges of companies.

Here's an excerpt from Corenet Global's release on this subject:

Linda DeMars, Vice President of Program Development at CoreNet Global, pointed to four major trends influencing how companies… Continue

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BOMA Conference Reports on "State of The Industry"

Speech by BOMA President and Chief Operating Officer Henry H. Chamberlain, CAE, APR at 2008 Annual Conference

Link to Whole Report

* Vacancy rates are beginning to creep up, but downtowns continue to thrive. Total income in downtown office buildings increased by 5 percent, while rental rates increased by 4.8 percent, according to the 2008 Experience Exchange Report.

* Rental rates continue to rise, although they have slowed… Continue

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AFIRE: USA Cities Still Number One & Two For Global Investment. . .

From AFIRE's Jan/Feb 2008 Newsletter

Although they are perennially seen as the top Us cities by foreign investors, this year, new York City and Washington, DC, were named foreign investors’ top global cities. New York City leaped ahead by a substantial margin to be named the top global city (see Chart 1 on page 16), followed by Washington, DC, and London in a tie for second place.

Last year, New York was… Continue

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NAI Global: Spotlight on Ahmedabad, India

From NAI Global Blog

Ahmedabad is the largest inland industrial center in western India, and has historically enjoyed a reputation as an important base of commerce, trade and industry.

Ahmedabad is a mega city that has shown great progress and is becoming a bio-tech and IT hub. With a thriving economy, excellent law, order and infrastructure, the city is providing ample scope for investment… Continue

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American Institute of Architects Live Blog "Change the World 2008" Conference

Few professions look more toward the future of real estate, particularly from the perspective of it's purest form (the structure itself) than do Architects.

In May the profession convened in Boston to study how they can be leaders in using building design as a driver in changing the way the population works, lives and recreates. Their website has a cornucopia of high caliber content and is well worth a visit.

Meanwhile, we were… Continue

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