Here are Six Quick Tips:

1/ Pick a Theme that you will use consistently and will guide your content.
This might be your industry specialty, your geography, or your views on the industry in general.

2/ Try to make a new blog entry every day - even if it's a link to a story someone else wrote that you want to recommend.

3/ Use "Key Words" in your title - words that might appear in a Google Search (ie San Diego Real Estate)

4/ Try to write and spell well.

5/ Have an "Angle" to your stories - something is good or bad, is too expensive or cheap, is a good idea or bad. Defend your opinions with facts.

6/ If someone comments on your post, respond. Start a conversation.

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Comment by For demo on February 24, 2008 at 10:29pm
For good (residential) real estate samples check out and You might also like and If you use and do a search for "commercial real estate", you will find out that we all have an opportunity to increase our profile… A network of NAI branded blogs will be carefully developed in areas such as logistics and global real estate. For now we recommend that you direct your enthusiasm towards helping us understand your needs rather than start formally blogging. We'll get to that soon enough.

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