Equity Interface Launches One-of-a-Kind Web Site for Commercial Real Estate Financing Opportunities

A site that brings developers and those looking for investment opportunities together for a unique way to network

NEW YORK—JANUARY 12, 2009—New York-based Equity Interface announced today the launch of www.EquityInterface.com, a one-of-a-kind Web site that introduces commercial real estate developers and syndicators to individuals and private equity companies looking for investment opportunities.

“Despite the current economy, there is still plenty of financing for existing and speculative development,” stated Nikolas Kron, founder of EquityInterface.com. “I felt that there was a general frustration on how difficult it was to find the correct equity partners for deals. While the traditional means are often expensive and time consuming, EquityInterface.com is extremely
detailed, transparent, and simple to use.”

Developers post a resume and a detailed description of the deal, and those looking for investment opportunities can review and arrange a meeting with sponsors to discuss the project more in depth. Sponsors only have to pay a listing fee for each project. There is no finder’s fee involved. Those looking for opportunities only pay a nominal monthly fee to access the full benefits and details of all the projects listed nationwide.

Additionally, since EquityInterface.com is online, it is in real time, allowing registered users to access the database’s details at any time. Users can search investment opportunities by myriad criteria, including amount of experience each developer possesses, financing needed for the project, as well as the usual geography and financial returns.

EquityInterface.com also has an investment profiler tool which allows registered members to receive automatic alerts about new real estate investment opportunities that are entered into the database. Members can create one or more investment profiles by answering a few simple questions about their investment preferences. When an opportunity that matches their profile is entered into the Equity Interface database, the database automatically e-mails them a link to the matching deal. Members no longer need to visit the Web site daily in order to keep abreast of any new deals being added to the database.
Members can also set up their own preferences for how frequently they would like to receive the e-mail updates.

Finally, registered members can further explore the relationship building and networking aspect of the site with the Equity Interface Community, the new social networking feature. Equity Interface Community is an online portal where individuals and private equity companies looking for investment opportunities and developers can meet each other to discuss the state of the industry, best practices, and specific investment opportunities. Additional features include online forums and networking groups. Equity Interface is strictly a listing and social networking site, and does not certify any of the deals. Equity Interface also complies with all SEC regulations.

About Equity Interface
Equity Interface is an online real estate investment service designed to connect developers and accredited investors. By offering unparalleled research tools and information, Equity Interface empowers members to discover mutually beneficial real estate opportunities. For more information, please visit www.EquityInterface.com.

Media Contact:
Leigh Anne Sperun
Senior Account Executive
Gregory FCA Communications

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Comment by Jean-Claude Goldenstein on January 16, 2009 at 10:04am
Congratulations Nikolas. Good to see more innovation from an E&Y alumni. Good luck with Equity Interface. We have featured your post. Best, JC PS: you may want to expand your CREOPoint profile
Comment by Nikolas Kron on January 16, 2009 at 9:59am
See my interview in Commercial Property News Click Here

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