Lisa Michelle Galley: Lessons From Cisco: Critically Question Conventional Buildings' Assumptions for 2010-2020

18 August 2009
What Kind of Market Will We Be Selling Into?
Lisa Galley
Galley Eco Capital

Take a look at “Connected Real Estate”, a collection of essays by subject matter experts, edited by Kevin O’Donnell and Wolfgang Wagener.
In it, the authors and Cisco Systems lays out many ways that technology and connectivity will drastically change the expectations of building construction, operation and workplace activities.

In addition to Cisco’s marketing of building internet services, the book includes some pretty sobering ways that information technology will impact the ‘business as usual’ case for conventional buildings.

One graphic called “Where Work Gets Done in 2010″, presents the following estimates of where work happens next year: corporate facilities, 40 percent, in between, 20 percent, and at home, 40 percent.

If 40 percent of work gets done at home by 2010 (basically now), what will the need for space in your property’s submarket be like over the next ten years?

Other quotes:

We think of buildings with technology as one combined solution. Unconnected buildings are pieces of concrete and mechanical equipment, and of no use to anyone.

We believe that the move to smart buildings will be driven by the home.

These are all bold opinions, which support Cisco’s business model, but also highlight the need to critically question how much of the conventional building’s base case will really be valid throughout the coming decade.

I think not much.

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