What Can ULI and Others Do To Help the People of Haiti?

***A message from ULI CEO Patrick Phillips***

The devastating loss of life and vast property destruction resulting from the earthquake in Haiti is almost impossible for most of us to comprehend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti and to those around the world who are responding with rescue and recovery aid.

As this tragedy has unfolded in the past days, many of you have contacted ULI wanting to know how our organization can assist with the recovery and rebuilding effort. We can and will help.

For the short-term, ULI can play an important role through all of you. What Haiti needs first and foremost is recovery aid. I encourage you to give generously to the many organizations providing first response such as the Red Cross, World Vision, International Relief and Development, the various United Nations aid agencies, and the many other NGOs involved in this relief effort.

Ultimately, there will be a massive rebuilding effort that will take place in the months and years to come. ULI has regularly provided help, in the form of Advisory Service Panels providing strategic suggestions on long-term recovery, to communities hit by natural and man-made disaster. These advisory efforts are supported by the ULI Foundation Disaster Relief Fund, which has funded numerous panels addressing communities in crisis, including New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and Lower Manhattan after the events of September 11.

It is my belief that we can conduct a similar effort in Haiti at the appropriate time, when the focus turns from relief to recovery and rebuilding. Your support for the ULI Foundation Disaster Relief Fund can help in this regard. To make a tax-deductible contribution please click here (link to online contribution page).

Rest assured that we will call on our experts, our best practices, and our past efforts to work with others to help develop an integrated response for Haiti. ULI's strength lies in its ability to help communities as they prepare to rebuild, and we stand ready to contribute decades of land use expertise to the rebuilding of Haiti. Until then, I encourage you to help provide the resources to those best able to provide immediate aid.

Support the ULI Disaster Relief Fund: http://bit.ly/5Tx1D0

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