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Simplifying access to actionable intelligence, and quickly identifying & prioritizing the most cited experts, journalists and brands

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Apple, Hany Farid, Ian J. Goodfellow, Rachel Tobac, TikTok, Tom Cruise, Twitter

Aung San Suu Kyi, Myawaddy TV, Myawaddy, Phyo Min Thein, Thant Myint-U, Yangon


  1. Prevents influencers from missing out on something they are expected to know

  2. Faster better intelligence

  3. Ability to search, filter and download relevant articles

  4. Visualize top experts, journalists, and brands

  5. Journalists can easily identify targeted, on-record sources

CREOpoint has developed unique, patented AI technologies to follow a topic, brand, personality or event, and:

  1. Uniquely simplify access to our clean and searchable river of deduped news (Patent US10223465).

  2. Pre-identify and prioritize the most cited experts, journalists, and brands enabling a crowdsourced veracity score for breaking content (Patent US10747837).

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  • Share questions, suggestions or partnership ideas

  • Search Insights beta (mobile version to come soon)

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CREO: “I believe/trust so” (in Spanish based on the Latin “I create/choose”)
point: “Get to the point quickly” (no redundant articles, fake news or irrelevant ads)

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