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Bloomberg TV
The battle against misinformation as Facebook outlines deepfake policy

The Washington Post
The Technology 202: Businesses should be watching out for deepfakes too, experts warn

VivaTech 2021
CREOpoint CEO at VivaTech 2021 about disinformation and deepfakes

Le Point

CREOpoint cité comme antidote contre les vidéos truquées

Tear gas "likely spreads coronavirus by triggering coughing", warn experts


Fake Video Election? Deepfake Videos ‘Grew 20X’ Since 2019

Ross Dawson
9 companies harnessing the power of collective intelligence

Deepfakes, cheapfakes : la hantise des hommes politiques

McDonald's, LVMH... la facture des intox grandit pour les grands groupes

Did bots help push GameStop and other ‘meme stocks’? A new report says yes.

The deepfake apocalypse never came. But cheapfakes are everywhere

Xavier Tytelman
Des FAKE NEWS au DEEP FAKE dans le secteur aéronautique : risques, enjeux, identification et lutte

Synthetic media targets politics ahead of U.S. presidential election

Presidential debates are broken

NBC News
Facebook announces effort to partner with media to promote journalism

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer CREOpoint Leverages Newly-Granted U.S. Patent to Help Contain the Spread of COVID-19 Disinformation

Le Point
5G : le bêtisier des thèses farfelues

As protests spread, misinformation in Facebook Groups tears small towns apart

The Sunday Times
Deploying AI to tackle misinformation online

Deepfakes are getting easier to make and the internet is just not ready

Le Point
"Deepfakes": bienvenue dans le monde terrifiant du Photoshop animé

With Deepfake Tech, Startups See Profit Where Others See Peril

Un ex-mentor de Mark Zuckerberg dénonce: Facebook et Google sont « néfastes pour la démocratie »

NBC News
Fake news can cause 'irreversible damage' to companies — and sink their stock price

CREOpoint Press release
U.S. Patent Office grants Artificial Intelligence startup CREOpoint IP to help stop the spread of fake news on social media

Petit Web
Facebook F8: move stratégique

NBC News
Positive sentiment toward Jeff Bezos plunged

Wall Street Journal
Celebrity Sizzle

MIPIM: Twitter and CREOpoint information hubs

Dailymotion video
Social Networks: Industry Focus the Next Big Thing?
JC Goldenstein interview at the NYSE May 2012 Facebook IPO

DeepTrust Alliance
DeepTrust Alliance open-sources synthetic media landscape

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